The Book

Peeling Oranges

Peeling Oranges is a collection of contemporary poetry that peels back the complicated layers of finding one's identity outside of external sources like religion, relationships, and work. It depicts the challenges of modern-day life and their imperfect antidotes including addiction, heartbreak, and mental health. Peeling Oranges is a candid collection of raw, true stories. No matter where you are at in your life, Peeling Oranges will leave you awakened, open, and excited about the power of a story.


"This collection of poetry has the right amount of blend of everything to it. It's raw, it's whimsical, it's fiery, and fun. Maria has a unique voice in her words, as she shares tales of her emotions and everyday. I would highly recommend picking this book up, it will not disappoint."

- Ravi Gandhi, author of "Red Pill Rhymes"

"Maria's debut poetry collection is a true gem. Enjoying her poems slowly and pondering them was such a joy. My copy has way too many dog ears on poems I keep reading over and over. Some of her work cuts deep and hits you hard, while others make you smile or laugh out loud. The range of emotions evoked by this collection shows Maria's incredible talent as a writer. Sometimes I wished the shorter poems would elaborate more on the themes they touched on, and yet they were powerful in their highly condensed form. Some of my favourite pieces include "Let me tell you a story", "If I die young", "I am as woman as", and "Hello September", and the list could go on and on. I am very excited for all that's to come for Maria and will certainly be following her career as a talented, fresh voice in poetry."

-Christina Hennemann, author of "Illuminations at Nightfall"