A Little Bit About Me

My name is Maria. I'm a poet, storyteller, tequila lover, and certified word nerd. My poetry collection "Peeling Oranges" debuted as a North American #1 bestseller in June of 2022. My work has been published in many reputable literary magazines including Contemporary Verse 2, the York Journal, and Imposter. I am the founder of Campfire Poets, a writing space dedicated to slow, sustainable storytelling. I call Toronto, Canada home.

You can follow my work on Instagram @theguelphpoet.

The Numbers

18K - and counting Instagram readers

1000 - and counting copies sold of Peeling Oranges, my debut self-published poetry collection

250 - plus poems shared with the world.

41 - other talented poets published by Campfire Poets — the poetry collective founded by Maria in 2022

10 - poems published in reputable literary journals including Contemporary Verse 2, The Imposter, Defenestration Mag, and the York Journal.