Welcome to Gather, an online community for writers seeking to reignite their passion for the craft and make enduring connections with fellow writers.

Gather with like-minded creatives during our weekly generative writing sessions, immersive craft workshops, and lively open mic nights.

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  • Weekly Sunday morning gathers led with a creative writing prompt, ample generative writing time, and sharing.

  • Access to an exclusive members-only community portal with open forums for sharing and peer feedback.

  • Open Mic nights and Creative Happy Hours to share your work and celebrate others.

  • Bonus craft workshops with distinguished guest teachers and speakers. (See below for the bonus events schedule!)

  • Access to a robust library of all previous workshops ($500 value)

  • Access to my Intro to Poetry course ($50 value)

Who is at the table?

Poets, multi-genre writers, essayists, professional writers. Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of writing, or you've been doing this for lifetimes, there's room for you at the table.

We're students of words—dedicated to learning and improving, making magic, and connecting with our people.

  • Improve your craft

    Feel your writing improve. Learn from myself and other poets, as well as award-winning guest poets through our weekly writing sessions and craft workshops. The resources are here for you to learn and expand your craft.

  • Find Friends

    You'll find a community of warm, inviting poets eager to make friends. Writing great poems doesn't happen in isolation. Poetry pals are excited for your wins, share the stings, and support you through it all.

  • Dedicate Yourself

    Find yourself surprised by how much easier it is to write consistently a community. Prompts will re-ignite the passion you have as a writer. Get inspired. Tell writer's block au revoir!

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  • Weekly generative writing sessions (Sundays at 11am ET)
  • Feedback on your work from me and other talented poets
  • Monthly workshops with guest poets and speakers
  • Creative Happy Hour chats
  • Open Mic nights
  • Access to workshop library ($500 value)
  • Access to my Intro to Poetry course ($50 value)

Gather is currently full. Join the waitlist to get an invitation when spots open up.

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"It’s obvious Maria is a fantastic poet, but she is also a fantastic facilitator. She’s created something truly special. Gather is a fun community of talented people pushing themselves to be better writers, and I feel so lucky to have been part of it. I can't wait to see how it grows." - Isabelle