Campfire Poets


Campfire Poets is an independent poetry house founded in April 2021 by Maria Giesbrecht. We are dedicated to resurrecting the story. We know how much stories like to hide. Campfire Poets is a nurturing, warm fire that invites you to unapologetically unearth your hidden stories. Just like you do around a fire. Each project is a campfire. Campfire One debuted September 30th, 2022.

Campfire One

Campfire One, is the first anthology published by Campfire Poets. A collection of contemporary poetry that will leave you feeling warm, invited, and cathartic.

With poetry from Abby Cornwell, Ana Dee, Anna Kate Vaughan, Anna Tempero, Audrey C. Callaway, Camlyn Anderson, Catherine D. Miele, Christina Hennemann, Daniel de Kock, Jarin Pintana, Kelsey Winters, KP Adams , Leara Nicole Morris-Clark, Maggie Coons - Abbott, Nick Olah, Noémie Ferran, Radi Lunaria, and Snigdha Shambhavi Jha.



We are currently closed for submissions. The submission window will reopen from April 1st to May 30th, 2023. See you then!